XanGo® Juice, the Product, is unique in the marketplace today, with a proprietary formula and trademarks in over 90 countries even before the first bottle was sold!

XanGo, LLC, the Company, is a Category Creator, and has already set or broken many industry records to date.  Active in almost two  dozen countries today, XanGo is a World Wide Phenomenon in just a few short years.

The Timing for Your Success is Perfect!

XanGo Juice: The Whole Mangosteen Fruit

Jim and Candy bring a professional background to this industry, with successful careers in the conventional business world prior to their involvement with XanGo. They also have over 20 years of high performance success in the networking industry, and they know what a privilege it is to be associated with a Top-Of-The-Line Company like XanGo. They have a proven track record to run on, and they are well qualified to help others reach their goals through Network Marketing!

Candy has an undergraduate degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance. She spent many years in corporate America, most recently as Director of Strategic Planning for a multi-billion dollar California Corporation before discovering the income potential and freedom of network marketing. The ability to train and coach individuals to achieve their own personal success is one of Candy’s true talents.

Jim has two degrees in Architecture and an outstanding career in that profession, as well as being a Real Estate Broker and Investor. Working for major firms and having his own private practice for many years, Jim was particularly attracted to network marketing for the earnings potential, as well as the low overhead and low risk, especially compared to risk and rewards of his lifelong profession.

Together Candy and Jim make a terrific leadership team, and were featured as the cover story on a recent XanGo company magazine as the fastest ever to reach the 100K Premier level of success. Call them to discuss the potential for your future success on their growing XanGo team. Let Jim and Candy be your XanGo partners!


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